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Mintel Rose are a French electro trio consisting of Raphael, Romain and Quentin – they apparently made an album “The French Machine”, which offered an elegant take on the Ed Banger aesthetic – that would be Breakbot, no?

Well, they’re back, and rather than trying to re-create the first album and its computer sensibilities they have employed a load more analogue gear for the making of their new album, “Atlantique”

Their sound falls somewhere between rock and electro, but is sophisticated, retro, futurist, positive and romantic. It’s well worth a listen – you can even hear it on Spotify for our European readers. We’ve listened to the whole album and we think it’s ace,  what Jamaica’s album should have been – that will be the synths then.

Between the humidity of Sebastien Tellier, the scientific cult of dreams a la New Order and the overexcitement of a Calvin Harris, Minitel Rose have just taught climate change a lesson:  only one season is ever worth living. A never-ending summer with a clear blue sky, cradled with”Atlantique’s” electronic flows.

We have a free track for you to fall in love with and it’s been remixed by electro pop dude Wagner.

Minitel Rose – Wild Birds (Wagner Remix)


Grab here.



November 22, 2010

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Andrew Rafter

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