A Musical Journey With Trentemoller

Published On September 23, 2010 | By Andrew Rafter | Downloads, Mixtapes, Music, News

Trentemoller’s latest LP didn’t get much play time on our iTunes, but were still massive fans of the Danish maverick.

We recently came across a mix he did for R.fm (check it out it’s very cool) which is a journey into the mind of mad-man Anders Trentemoller.

It’s warm, schizophrenic, trippy, analog beats draw you in his minds-eye and is a great starting point to understanding one dance musics strangest artists, we of course mean that in the nicest possible way, the greats are always a bit mad and Trentemoller is certainly one of the greats.

It’s weird and wonderful and sounds a bit like the lost sound track to “Apocalypse Now” on acid in Denmark.

Trentemoller mix – Recorded in Copenhagen


Grab here.

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