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Following the sweet giveaway of the Danger’s remix of Acid Washed’s “Acid Washed” – we’ve got two more tracks for you sink your teeth into – one of them is being given away for the price of a tweet.

First up, we have a kraftwerkian trippy take on the duo’s “General Motors, Detroit, America” by Louis Guilliaume – bit of a plodder, but well worth a right click.

Acid Washed General Motors, Detroit, America (Louis Guilliaume remix)


Grab here.

Next up, we have the Mickey Moonlight remix of the title track from the new EP and it’s a lush, swirling, tasty piece of french electro.

Not going to upload this one as you should really just give them a tweet – so here’s the link http://bit.ly/b3qWkt

As you can maybe tell by the flyer, Acid Washed are playing in London tomorrow to launch their EP and you should probably check them out since the release of their debut album in March, their luscious disco has steadily gained admirers from all corners of the globe.

Here’s the info on the show in London on Friday.


Andrew Rafter

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