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We got sent this tip from the tour manager of MSTRKRFT, who are some noisy maple-sirrup-eating-Canadians, but the tip is all good.

Afropunk is a London based female producer/DJ with a CV that would make most jealous, and she’s a looker too – bit like a DJ version of Lauren Hill, but way less attitude – but thankfully she makes all sorts of good beats. Bit schitzo though. Just listen to her track about Tiger Woods. Too funny.

But seriously she got talent – would speel for a bit longer but it’s getting too late and I want to go to sleep.

So enjoy. And be sure to check out her Soundcloud page – lots of great stuff on there.

Hit this tiger wood (AFROPUNK REMIX) by afropunkno1

thats how we do it by afropunkno1

Minimal punk by afropunkno1

Andrew Rafter

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