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The dudes that you used to be Pony Pony, and who are now Jamaica (not the country!) are back with their next track – why is this important I hear you ask? Well it’s produced by Xavier De Rosnay from Justice. With one rule. No synths.

Brimming with stop-start metallic guitars and fuzzy indie-pop melodies, ‘Short & Entertaining’ is a three minute gem. The video is directed by Jeremie Rozan & Martial Schmetz – from Surface2Air – (Justice vs. Simian, The Streets) and features Igor Cavalera, the drummer and founding member of the Brazilian Thrash metal band Sepultura. And of course Mixhell where he plays with his wife. Talk about DJing with the enemy.

We had a chance to listen to some of the remixes from Das Glow, Mad Decent, Mixhell & Goose are all in the experimental world of music. Without being to rude.

If it floats your boat it will be released on August 16th through Co-op Music.

JAMAICA – ‘Short and Entertaining’ VIDEO from bermudapants on Vimeo.





Andrew Rafter

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