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Bodi Bill are name that many of us in the UK aren’t going to be too familiar with and that was the same for us – they’re a German trio from Berlin, who are about to release their Debut ‘Two In One’ on Sinnbus Records on June 7th, their blend of post dub step, techno infused indie electronic music has seen them rise from the German underground scene in recent months.

Brought up on a diet of Berlin’s infamous underground music scene they are at the forefront of a glitchy techno inspired indie sound that we still can’t put into a genre – listen hard enough and it sounds a bit like Trentemollers first album.

Lead vocalist Fabian Fenk is a real treat and he has been gaining a lot of support from Kele Okereke of Bloc Party who has been singing the bands praises so highly, they regularly support Bloc Party on tour.

‘ Two In One’ achieves in bringing something new to the table, an indie band that have been infliuenced by their musical surroundings. It just so happens that it’s German Techno and its many variations. It’s not club music. But it’s not meant to be, they have brought indie and electronic music together in a perfect balance.

Highlights include the opening track ‘Be Home Before Dinner’ a techno induced dance track which makes you wonder whether you are listening to the right CD, no vocals, a penchant for Kraftwerkian synths and glitchy beats.

Next up you’ll be seduced by the dark and trippy ‘I Like Holden Caulfield’ bizarre and fantastic in equal measure – for us this was the defining track of their sound.

‘Departed Tropical’ starts of in the usual way but a booting bass comes in halfway through followed quickly with a ever-pleasing synth formation – all topped off with some techno pops and clicks for good measure.

We loved ‘Traffic Jam’ as it seemed as if it was made by a minimal electro addict trying to wean themselves off it through some Radiohead submersion.

You can be sure that Bodi Bill do bring something new and exciting to the table and, although this isn’t quite achieved, they begin to sound very ‘cool’. Not much of a surprise coming considering Berlin is been touted as the home of electronic music.

HBF rating 8/10

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.