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Slacker: a man that shunned music and disappeared is now back with the amazing chilll-out album ‘Start A New Life’

In a previous life Shem McCauley, aka Slacker, was considered one the world’s most prolific progressive house producers and a pioneer at the top of his game.

Top DJs around the world played his tracks and they would feature on the very best compilations.

But increasingly disillusioned with the music industry and western society Slacker did the unthinkable and disappeared.

Shem McCauley said: “I made the choice to come out to Bangkok and found instant happiness with my new chilled existence.”

The UK native moved to Bangkok, Thailand, cut off communication with the music industry he had begun to despise and started a new life.

He arrived in Bangkok with two suitcases and no equipment to start a new life, he begun to teach yoga and spent his time getting his health back to normal.

Eventually Shem decided to return to his first love music. He decided write a chill-out album, full of his own emotions and the total opposite of his previous work – with only a laptop and sat in a food-hall in a Bangkok he made ‘Start A New Life’.

Yes it’s a bit controversial and it’s not what we’ve come to expect from today’s glitzy studios and production techniques, but ‘Starting A New Life’ is a honest, personal project from a man that is now content with his new life.

The title track ‘Start A New Life’ blends unconventional vocals and a swinging beat with surging synths to create a title track that explains Shem’s vision of the album in one sublime hit.

The ability of Shem to create a narrative within the album is rarely seen anymore, but is used as a perfect tool to grab the listener from start to finish.

The opening tracks are Shem announcing his new life and ‘When I Was A Child’  brings you back to the life that he left behind – a darker, more complex world all in the language of music.

Personal favorite ‘Come Back Home’ will be a classic for many with stirring vocals and a nod to the old progressive ways he used to use – it’s a great song.

The organic instruments created by Shem using only a laptop is a true testament to the abilities of Shem McCauley as a producer and composer.

Standout track ‘Come With Me’ draws from Future Sound of London’s Amorphous Adrogynous’ atmospheric take on subtle breaks and shows that Slacker hasn’t lost any of his electronic roots.

Not many artists could produce a quality piece of music on a Laptop outside MacDonalds in Bangkok, but Shem has achieved something quite amazing and he should be applauded for it, yeah it was a risk but a risk that has paid off.

You can listen to some of the tracks here. http://www.myspace.com/slackershem

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.