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Eskimo Records’ Horixon (Monarchy’s Andrew Armstrong and Joe Ashworth) are back with a stunning new single, ‘Hello’, which sees the duo joining forces once again with Else Born for a slice of vivid, heartfelt pop — and we’ve got the first play of NTEIBINT’s heartbreaking disco remix.

Speaking about the track’s wistful vocals, Else Born (aka Philco Fiction’s Turid Alida Solberg) explains: “It’s late at night. It’s too late and the stars are out. You’re stuck in a never-ending fight with your lover. You really don’t feel like fighting, you try to get out of it and you try to stop his crying. You look for a spaceship to lift you up up up and away. And… suddenly you’re under the stars – no more. For a couple of seconds. Till you fall back into the familiar.”

In typical NTEIBINT fashion — who is no stranger to wringing out the very best from a doe-eyed vocal — our favourite Greek disco squeeze serves up a remix that ups the tempo, adds a disco twang and simply lets Born’s vocal run free from the emotional weight of the original.

Check out the smouldering original and NTEIBINT’s stunning disco interpretation below.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.