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We’ve got a lot of respect for Amtrac’s Caleb Cornett, since moving from his hometown of Kentucky to the electronic heartlands of LA it would pretty easy for him to be seduced by the bright lights and big pay checks of the EDM world.

But he hasn’t, he’s stayed to true to his artistic vision and has consistently impressed us with his nuanced approach to electronic music. None more so than with his new EP, ‘True Value’, which drops this Friday on his newly minted label Openers.

Everything about the release (artwork, direction and music) is a relatively low-key, the artwork is made up of old polaroid photos, the tracks themselves are suave and sophisticated, especially ‘Accessorize’ which floats along on a crisp, hypnotic groove and sumptuous hooky melody.

The second track to unveiled from the EP is a little more discofied and heady, and began life thanks to the The Smirnoff Sound Collective, which is global initiative celebrating diversity and inclusivity in electronic music.

Amtrac and vocalist Meli were brought together at a creative retreat at Rancho V studio complex Joshua Tree, California in December 2016 where they created ‘Some Of Them’ that sounds like a disco version of one of Gesaffelstein’s, ‘Control Movement’, which is never a bad thing to sound like.

Anyway, the EP is sounding all killer no filler and you’ll be able to hear the full thing this Friday.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.