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Bokeh is the alias of one Chloë Lewer, born in Berlin she recently made the brave decision to move to New Zealand (normally its the other way round), she’s also an actress and it kinda shows.

Her music and style is inspired by the 80s, but instead of falling into the dreaded kitsch category, her latest track ‘Don’t Leave The Fire’, has just enough sentimentality to pass off as nostalgic but there’s also pronounced nods to move forward-thinking music as the track goes back and forth between wide-angled Scandi pop and more futuristic synthwave.

Her six track EP ‘Don’t Leave The Fire’ is steeped in interesting textures and colourful vocal work that manifest itself in a variety of forms from quirky pop to ethereal power ballads and everything in between.

You can listen to her whole EP on all good streaming services now.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.