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Weapons is a new label that sprung up towards the end of last year, its ethos is to release tracks that are secret club weapons and in the process give away 5% of its profits to war victims.

A win-win for everyone. We get some very cool music, and someone’s life that’s been destroyed by war is hopefully marginally better than it was before.

The first release came from Mumbai Science, and as expected it was a bit of a Belgian banger – check it out below. Then there was ‘Bahp’ from Metroplane (who we all should know by now is Aeroplane and Alex Metric) and they delivered a stupidly fun house track, and now we’ve got London producer Ten Ven delivering the goods.

Check out his effort below and then add them to your playlists, or whatever the kidz do these days, and actually help someone out in the process.

And if you’re feeling inquisitive, be sure to check out Ten Ven ‘Belo’ EP as it’s really quite good.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.