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We don’t know much about elusive duo JYNX. Apparently, they’re a duo, according to this short interview with Wonderland, but apart from that, they’re not giving much away, apart from this four track EP of course. Anyway, they’ve already been championed by a host of people including Annie Mac and Julie Adenuga which is encouraging.

So, what’s this track ‘Ember’ like?

In a word: brilliant. It’s a scrappy house track that combines erratic rhythms alongside a killer vocal for a cut that’s both forward-thinking and familiar.

They can’t be that elusive, can they?

Well, their Soundcloud says they’re from South London and make music in young Benson’s room, whatever that means. But that’s literally it. Oh, one of them might be called Pat. He’s almost certainly not a postman, though.

Is there more than just one track?

Now that you mention it, there’s a whole EP to sink your teeth into below – it’s all very good, we especially like the thudding ‘Saffron’ which features some really clever witchcraft on the vocal.

When’s the EP out?

Tomorrow. January 26 to be precise.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.