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MSTRKRFT’s trippy video for new single ‘Runaway’ proves they still got it

MSTRKRFT are practically ancient legends in the dance music sphere. They’ve been in popular culture since the late 2000’s (some 10 years ago now, wow), releasing on Dim Mak Records back then.

The duo, Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P, continue to satisfy new and old fans alike with their dirty electronic sound that’s all it’s own, dropping a new single this week ‘Runaway’.

MSTRKRFT’s ‘Runaway’ was released in conjunction with a visually impressive music video. The main actor is sleeping and yet still is making his way around familiar everyday settings makes one imagine the scene is taking place in a dream.

The theme I take away from the video is that feeling within dreams where you are trying to control what you are doing and where you are going but you can’t. That odd feeling as if you’re a ghost in your own body. Strange.

A lot of music videos suck now, but this one doesn’t, cementing again MSTRKRFT’s ability to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Words by Chad Downs.

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