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Earlier this year, Jupiter released their excellent second album, ‘Bandana Republic‘, which was inspired by long road trips out into the California desert with just classic American Rock radio as a companion.

Fast-forward to today and Jupiter are about to release the Deluxe version of the album, which includes an unplugged version of ‘Chocolate’, and five brand-new remixes.

We’ve got the exclusive first play of Dombrance’s remix and a remix from Bumblee, which is actually Amélie’s new production pseudonym.

Dombrance is given the honour of remixing one of our favourite tracks from the album, namely ‘Tiki Nights’. It was the album’s final pay-off in many ways; a fun-filled 3 minutes of unabashed, upbeat, airy synth pop.

Dombrance does a fine job in deconstructing the original and reforging it into a dark, driving disco track that’s then pummelled with rubbery acid melodies and Amélie’s luminous vocals – it’s a proper club workout.

Now, on to Bumblee. Remixing yourself is kinda like nepotism – a risky endeavour, just ask Daft Punk. Unless, of course, you’ve got something really good to say, and Amélie really does – she’s flips ‘Tiki Nights’ into an explosive slice of futuristic French house, throw in some ludicrously bumpin’ basslines, vocal chops and even a saxophone, and you’ve got yourself a bonafide dancefloor destroyer.

Out December 11, 2015.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.