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GusGus have been around – in one guise or another – since 1996, but during their 19-year career, which has seen the band release 9 studio albums, they’ve somehow never played in Manchester.

Well, that changes tonight as the Icelandic electronic band touches down in the UK for a quick two-show tour at Manchester’s Ritz tonight and London’s KOKO later in the week.

We were lucky enough to grab a quick chat with the band about what fans can expect from their new live show, the tracks that have influenced the band the most, and what they’d save from their burning studio.

And if you’d like to win a pair of tickets to see the the band play tonight, there’s still time to enter our competition to see them at the Ritz tonight.

Hello GusGus – whereabouts are you today?

Today we’re in Iceland rehearsing for our UK, Poland and Spain shows.

What’s your history with Manchester – have you played here before?

I think GusGus have never played Manchester before. We’re looking forward to it 😀.

What sort of show can we expect at the Ritz?

We’ll be delivering a powerful live set with Daníel and Högni singing in the front and Biggi mixing and sound sculpting in the back.

What was the first record you bought…?

The first 7 inch I got was Shakatak’s ‘Down On The Street’.

What was the last record you bought…?

I bought a Mark Lanegan album for a friend.

What’s your favourite track from your new album, and why?

My favourite track is the most obscure one, the cheek to cheek ballad ‘This Is What You Get When You Mess With Love’ because it’s a personal one and it turned out really nice.

What track do you wish you’d written…?

Woah! that’s a tough one. There are quite a few I’d like to have written, for instance Brian Wilson’s ‘God Only Knows’. Songwriting doesn’t get more brilliant than that.

What track makes you happiest…?

At the moment it’s a Plasticman (Chris Reed/Plastician) track remixed by Carl Craig called ‘Mind In Rewind’. It’s a trip!

What track makes you saddest…?

The last track that made me sad was ‘Body And Soul’ sung by Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett. I got really sad thinking about Amy’s tragic death. What a talent!

What’s your favourite club…?

It depends on who’s playing and what kind of mood i’m in. My favourite big club experience was seeing Carl Cox play Space in Ibiza. Then there are tiny clubs, like Paloma in Iceland, sweaty and dirty and dark, which I like as well.

What’s your favourite after party record…?

Depends on the ambience I want to create and the people I’m hanging with…

What track has had the most influence on you…?

‘Blue Monday’ by New Order.

Which of your own tracks are you most proud of…?

‘Airwaves’ from our Mexico album has the emotional quality we want to convey with our music.

Who do you owe a debt of gratitude to for becoming a successful band…?

To everyone coming to our shows and sharing air with us.

What’s your current favourite record…?

I have been lazy investigating new music lately, I’m so preoccupied by making our 10th album 😀.

If your studio was on fire and you go back in a save one thing, what would it be and why…?

I would grab the Roland 808 drum machine. Because it has a soul!

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.