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Lone Policeman Fends Off Large Group of Gatecrashers At Wireless Festival

A lone policeman was left on his own trying to protect a security gate from a large group of unruly gatecrashers at London’s Wireless Festival this weekend.

The first video, below, sees the brave policeman running at a large group of gatecrashers trying to force their way into the festival. The policeman quickly runs in front of group, whips out his baton, and tries to defend the gate, like a scene from the Knights Watch.

The brave officer is quickly ridiculed by the group, but somehow manages to hold them off until security appears.

In the next clip, but in the same video, a security guard appears to have captured someone outside the festival trying to jump the tall security fence, the crowd decides it’s not have any of it and attempts to wrestle back their fellow gatecrasher.

Another policeman, maybe the same one, is again left on his own trying to calm the situation down, waiting for backup to arrive.

The next video sees a large security gate shaking violently with hundreds of gatecrashers on the other side trying to break into the festival. On the other side there are two security guards, one male and one female, trying to hold the gate shut, eventually they walk away fearing for their own safety before a man – who is stood next to them – lifts the lock and lets hundreds of gatecrashers run into the festival, before more security turn up and close it again.

Both videos clearly show security was sorely lacking at the festival – which is held at Finsbury Park in London – compromising the festival’s security entirely at one point.

These Wireless Festival Gatecrashers are getting out of hand! Gatecrashers vs 1 Police Officer

Posted by Mandem On The Wall on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Look how many people gatecrashed Wireless FestivalVideo Credit: Metro Link to article: http://metro.co.uk/2015/07/03/wireless-2015-heres-the-moment-a-bunch-of-gatecrashers-stormed-lethal-bizzles-performance-5279144/

Posted by Mandem On The Wall on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Update, more footage has appeared online from the Sunday that shows a woman getting injured in the chaos, possibly by a knife.

Andrew Rafter

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