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Stream CLAAP!’s Oh-so-French-Sounding Single ‘Dimanche’ Feat. Santana

You might have twigged already, but in case you hadn’t – we quite like French music, so when La Belle’s press person pitched us their new track all they had to say to convince us was “it sounds very French”, and you know what? It does, it really does.

La Belle are a boutique Parisian label who have released a heap of interesting music over the last 18 months, and after a little break they’re back with CLAAP!’s new single ‘Dimanche’ (it means Sunday, apparently) and it’s very French sounding.

You’ll immediately be transported to a smokey Parisian basement, with a single spot light and Sanatana singing in her mother tongue. It’s French disco pop at its very best; abstract, enchanting, and so very sexy, especially alongside the typically French video.

There are remixes to go with the track, but to be honest they’re just noise surrounding an otherwise perfect track, but if you are curious grab a freebie from Mike Simonetti, who does his level-best to not completely ruin it.

Out May 5.


Buy it here: goo.gl/NW834H

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.