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Daft Punk’s next album could be taking on a house direction if Chicago house producer Paul Johnson is to be believed.

Spotted by Daft Punk Reddit User iwaskylester101, Johnson shared via his Facebook page an old poster of a night he DJ’d at with Daft Punk, 15 years ago in Paris.

In the following Facebook comments, Johnson answered some questions from his fans and responded to one fan, who said the robots should go back their old ‘Homework’ sound, “Their working on a new house album right now Norman.”

Johnson has always been credited by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-man de Homem Christo as a massive source of inspiration, particularly his track ‘Hear The Music’, which got them into wanting to make house music, and that’s why he is one of the first artists to be mentioned on their track ‘Teachers’.

Obviously, this should be taken with a huge pinch of salt, but it would make sense – having done a huge project like RAM, going back to a limited setup of synths and samplers could be liberating in a way.

It’s certainly a plausible scenario, and could potentially tie into their involvement with TIDAL, where Jay-Z is already using exclusive content from its owners to drive the service forward.

And then – maybe, you know – a live show.


{{{{Bonjour Paris, Ne Vous Rappelez Bebe???? Woooooooo……}}}}

Posted by Paul Leighton Johnson on Sunday, February 15, 2015

Andrew Rafter

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