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Sankeys’ Boss Dave Vincent To Release Autobiography After Near-Death Experience In Ibiza Hospital

Dave Vincent has been at the helm of Manchester’s most famous club, Sankeys, for the last 20 years – so you’d expect he’s got quite a few tales to tell.

Having suffered a serious health scare in recent weeks, Vincent admitted his brush with death has spurred him on to tell his life story, entitled The Eccentric: David Vincent’s Life Story.

Apparently, Vincent collapsed in a hospital in Ibiza last week with a case of severe appendicitis. Vincent went to Can Misses hospital complaining of stomach pains but then discharged himself from the hospital after nurses left him waiting for over 7 hours.

“They ignored me at Can Misses so I left and after advice from Danny Whittle, I decided to go private which cost me €10,000” explained the nightclub owner.

“The doctors at the Private Clinic informed me that I was lucky to be alive as I was just hours away from death. I would like to sincerely thank them for their professional care. I was laid up for 5 days after the operation but I am back at work now and hope to have the Sankeys Ibiza program finalised this week”.

The nightclub owner has since explained why now is the right time to write his autobiography in a recent Facebook post.

“WOW I have had the most craziest 2 weeks of my life, but actually people who know me know pretty much I have had a crazy 44 years and loads of mental stories to tell. When I survived the operation I thought to myself fuck man that was close, imagine if I did die and know one knew the real David Vincent Story. Well they will now as I am going to finally write it and tell the whole truth of what happened since my early childhood days. I need this distraction mentally as I was so close to death. The last 48 hours for me have been really emotional and I have cried a lot not because of that witch, but because I am overwhelmed by how many genuinely love me and this could have been taken away from me from evil external forces. Thanks everyone for all the wishes and I hope you enjoy reading my story when I finish it. I can say I have already drafted the 20 chapter story of how I became this “eccentric” figure in dance music. Thanks once again for all the well wishes people and I want you to know I am stronger than ever. LOVE YOU ALL xxxx”

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Andrew Rafter

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