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Para One is releasing a new album and it’s quite an interesting proposition – apparently his new album ‘Club’ started out as a club version of his 2011 album ‘Passion’ but has since mutated into a brand-new album.

“The ‘Passion’ album is the background for this, as I decided to reshape it for my live act,” explains Para One. “I’ve rebuilt the tracks entirely, making live versions for festivals and bigger clubs.

“Then I found myself with a totally different album. It’s not a live album. The tracks have been modified and reinterpreted. Subtlety was not really an option, it had to hit kind of hard.

“The tracks had to sound real in a club situation and people are now meant to dance to them! It’s also a ‘treasure hunt’ kind of record with many references. It sounds like my DJ sets, when I mix many things and styles, old and new, because that’s how a club should sound. It’s a place where memories belong.”

Check out the teaser below which sounds bloody marvellous.

Out June 16.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.