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Old and new disco lovers rejoice: Shook’s debut album is finally on it’s way. It’s important to single out both old and new disco lovers because the Shook that we’ve been hearing lately, is about as organic sounding as computer music can get. ‘Summer Heat’ along with ‘Tonight’ are the first two tastes of his debut album that we’ve received which is out August 6 via Epicenter.

Like ‘Tonight’, ‘Summer Heat’ sounds more like an original Breakbot track, as opposed to some of his older, more electro sounding tracks. Lot’s of feel good vocals and quick, funky, guitar licks. It kind of begs the question; does Shook produce these guitar sounds on his computer, does he perform them live, or is Nile Rodgers making more rounds then we thought he was?

With the (fairly) recent release of ‘RAM’ by Daft Punk, there definitely seems to be a noticeable increase of organic sounding instrumentation in the music that our favorite nu disco musicians are producing. The trick here, is going to be making it high energy and entertaining enough for all the EDM kids to dance to when it’s played out live. With Shook’s extensive backlog of material, he shouldn’t have an issue with that one.


Sam Schoonover

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