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Last week we decided we set ourselves an ambitious target of doing one artist interview a week for the rest of the year, a tall order we know, but we’re confident from now until Christmas we can introduce you to 2013’s most exciting producers and artists.

The interviews aren’t done face-to-face, but via email, with a simple set of questions to the let artists introduce themselves and tell us what they’ve got planned for the rest of the year. This week’s Introducing comes from French electronic duo Remote who caught our ear with their dark and brooding Sci-Fi infused ‘Computer Dope’ EP which was released last month on Gesaffelstein and The Hacker’s Zone Music.

HBF: Who inspired you to make music?

The question could be “Who or What?”. Music is a very interesting social vehicle, but at the same time it also lets you build your own inside world. It’s almost like a religion for us.

HBF: Your latest EP came out on Gesaffelstein’s Zone Music – how did that come about?

We hooked up with Gesaffelstein and The Hacker thanks to our free EP “Gogogo” which was released on Gouru.fr. They really liked it, so then we decided to send them some more tracks and here we are. They are doing a super job and we are proud to be part of their roster.

HBF: Do you know the secret behind Gesaffelstein’s name?

We have never actually met him so we don’t really know…

HBF: What do you have planned for the rest of 2013?

There are two eps coming before this summer. The first one will be on Meant Records with 2 remixes. And then the one after that will be on Matt Walsh’s label Clouded Vision.

HBF: Your latest EP is heavily influence by Sci-fi, was this a reaction to a misspent youth watching Sci-Fi films?

Our misspent youth is still there! A lot of people compared some of our tracks with Carpenter ones but we don’t do it on purpose at all.

HBF: What song, past or present, represents you the most?

We have different influences but we try to make every track representing us. It’s very difficult to know which one since it depends on when we made it.

HBF: If you weren’t making music what you be doing?

If we knew… Maybe we would be doing it.

HBF: Tell us a secret about yourselves that no-one knows about.

Extraball is a 7-year-old track.

HBF: If your studio was on fire and you could go back save one thing, what would it be and why?

Our studio is just a pc. If it burns…. we’ll buy another one!


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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.