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As you may well already know Louis La Roche has gone all ‘step – this is a brave move for the French house producer as he starts a new project under the name EWE.

It’s not Skrilly step, but something not dissimilar – it draws from more traditional house patterns and, on the whole, works quite well.

Our favourite is ‘Lingo’. It starts off as a full-on hands-in-the-air trance track – then drops into a full on dubstep mode, but somehow, he actually manages to create a mesmerising groove throughout – something sadly missing the from the current crop of brostep producers.

Think Danger doing ‘step and you’re well on the way to grasping what he’s trying to achieve. Unfortunately the two other tracks from the EP don’t stand up just as well. But we’ll forgive him because. A) Lingo is immense and B) One of the other tracks is call Cleveland Steamer. Check urban dictionary. hahaha.

EWE – Lingo


Download here.

Grab the whole thing below.

EWE – How We Became Us EP (FREE DOWNLOAD) by louislaroche

Andrew Rafter

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