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Kavinksy died in 1986, after he crashed his prized Testarossa off a cliff and died upon impact, or did he? Fast-forward to 2005 and a resurrection occurred, a Zombie-like Kavinksy came back to life, with this new Zombie blood rushing through his un-dead body he went straight to the studio to see how this possession would make music – fast-forward to 2010 and he produced a electro zombie-gem that was NightCall – produced by one half of Daft Punk and mixed-down by SebastiAn, this more aggressive darker side of Kavinsky had struck gold. Check out the Dustin N’Guyen remix below – just so happens to be Justice’s Xavier De Rosnay. And one of our favourite tracks.

Nightcall (Dustin NGuyen Remix) by Kavinsky

On the other side was “Pacific Coast Highway” a homage to the very road the Kavinsky lost control of his car, the moment of madness that changed him forever.

Pacific Coast Highway by Kavinsky

In late 2010, Kavinksy decided to run a remix competition for his track “Nightcall” – a few months later he had to choose a couple out of the 533 entries that had been submitted. Kavinsky’s favourite was by SAWAGii, a heavy metal version of the original, whilst the Record Makers team were blown away by the version put forward by Robotaki, an 18 year old prodigy from Montreal.

And to celebrate the completion of this epic remix contest we have been given permission to give away the two winners as a aperitif to his new album which is meant to be out March 2010. And to top that we’ve also got Ed Banger’s lord of the funk Breakbot’s remix to giveaway as well.

Kavinksy – Nightcall (SAWAGii revenge remix)


Grab here.

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Robotaki remix)


Grab here.

Kavinksy – Nightcall (Breakbot remix)


Grab here.

Overwhelmed by the stunning response to the remix contest for Kavinsky’s Nightcall, Record Makers have decided to take things one step further and allow graphic designers and illustrators to contribute their interpretations of Kavinsky’s zombie universe.

Kavinsky is currently putting the finishing touches to his album, due to see the light in 2011. The visuals hold as much weight as the music, an aesthetic commitment that has been in place since he announced his arrival, back from the dead, with Testarossa Autodrive. The Kavinsky Fan Art contest will run from November 1st to December 31st. 50 illustrations will be chosen from the entrants and included in a limited edition book. The winning design will take pride of place on the front cover. The first 20 illustrations will get a copy of the book, and every winning illustrator will receive music digitally.

Fans can submit their entries and find out more details at: http://www.kavinskyfanart.com

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.