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Daft Punk have updated their shop with stuff you don’t need but you want anyway

It’s hard not to see Daft Punk’s expertly excuted pivot into merchandising as preying on its fans’ wallets. Since the store opened in 2014 Daft Punk have put their seal of aloof-robotic-approval on 45 products — from frisbees to beach towels — and with it the store has quickly become something of a money-making machine for the conspicuous duo.

The thinking is, like with tradition, Daft Punk are investing the money back in their craft, and potentially a new tour. But three years of emptying fans’ wallets every few months has seen T-Bang producing Arcade Fire’s new album and G-man working with Charlotte Gainsbourg — and still no tour.

On the tour front, we have come across a new rumour — Primavera Sound’s organisers apparently let it slip during a live Q&A on Facebook live that the duo are indeed working on tour for 2018, but the original article makes no mention of which live stream, so it’s hard to substantiate the rumour, but you can read the original article, which mentions the tour rumour, here.

Anyway, Daft Punk Inc have added three new Christmas-related products to their webstore, including Discovery-era helmet baubles, there’s also a rather fetching The Weeknd era snow globe and a very cool looking limited edition jigsaw of the story of D.A.F.T video. With the ornaments and puzzle costing $45 each, and the snow globe costing $50.


But you can here.

  • Spark Cartridge

    So you’re a blog that has a name based off of a Daft punk song, and you post about new Daft punk merch a month late.
    When everyone already talked about it.


    thanks for the comment, but this sort of attitude is so uncalled for. And with regards to being late, yes we were but I’m pretty sure the rumour moved the story forward and therefore our lateness made little difference. We don’t make any money and sometimes real life gets in the way. A bit of empathy wouldn’t go a miss — you know? I hope you have lovely Christmas and a happy New Year.

  • Spark Cartridge

    I apologize.