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Last year, a video appeared online of Thomas Bangalter’s TR-909 in action with the original presets Bangalter had used to create Daft Punk’s iconic track ‘Revolution 909’ still loaded on the drum machine.

Now the owner of the Roland drum machine has decided to sell the hardware to pay for his mother’s studies — and how much is he asking for such a prized piece of hardware, well, apparently bidding is already at £10,000 and could go higher.

Apparently, Bangalter collected several Roland TR-909’s over the years, and had as many as ten units, with this particular one being number five in his collection.

An original TR-909 can usually fetch as much as £2,000 depending on its condition. So a TR-909 previously owned by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, with the original presets for ‘Revolution 909’ still loaded on the hardware, naturally, could go for a lot more.

We’ll let you know how much it goes for if and when it sells.

Check out the listing here.

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Andrew Rafter

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