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So Daft Punk are coming out of hiding to perform at next month’s Grammys alongside The Weeknd – and we’re pretty sure you’d sell a kidney to see them perform, right?

Well, you can actually go to the Grammys if you’ve got a spare $3,000 lying around. Someone is actually selling their ticket to the Grammys on Ebay and the bidding is currently sat at around $3,000.

So what does this ticket to Grammys actually get you – well, quite a lot actually, you’ll get entry into the Red Carpet Premiere Ceremony, a Bronze Level ticket, and entry into the official Grammy after party.

Whilst it’s a small fortune, and you have to be a US resident, it might be the only time you’ll ever get to see Daft Punk perform live – so are you willing to part with $3,000 for the privilege of seeing Daft Punk perform live at the Grammys?

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.