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Daft Punk might be about to release a new compilation judging by an Instagram Story shared by The Vinyl Factory.

The Vinyl Factory, as sources go, is quite as good one as they are a distributor, label and operate Fact Mag, and to our mind don’t usually partake in trolling of this kind.

The short clip shows a gold vinyl with a load of stickers on it, and then there’s a caption superimposed on top stating: “Not Joking. New Daft Punk compilation coming soon”.

While the video is hardly proof of anything, there is a sticker in view that does look fairly legitimate – if you squint hard enough it says Daft Life, which is the Daft Punk’s production company.

Look even closer and you can just about make out the words Warner Music France and Parlophone, which could mean we’re looking at pre-2007 material.

If it is legit, could we be looking at a sequel to Musique? Daft Punk’s anthology, which was released in 2006 (some 10 years ago), that included Daft Punk’s biggest hits from their then two albums – or could it just be a collection of b-sides and rarities?

Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Via Clive Lewis 

Andrew Rafter

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