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Sebastian Carter’s City Lights EP is without a doubt, the perfect selection of songs to get you through the work week. That might be the most generic statement utilized by music bloggers around the world, but that’s exactly what this EP, specifically the tune ‘Shallow Waters’ is doing for me.

Set for release on September 23, ‘Shallow Waters’ is a champion for beauty in minimalism/simplicity – an in-depth, charismatic first look into the debut six-track EP from one of Switzerland’s finest creative talents. The 22-year old stands out with his sophisticated arrangements and his musical appeal comes as no surprise in this saturated scene.

There’s a commitment to excellence here that is incredibly refreshing, one that serves as a means to gauge Carter’s massive potential. Classifying this tune as electronic music, while accurate by definition, doesn’t do it justice, as the emotive melodies, ambient vibes, and pristine quality make for an absolute gem that is easy on the ears and therapeutic for the soul.

Words by David H Kim.

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