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It’s not really, in fact it’s quite the opposite – this my friend is the first Skrillex track I can honestly say I like, without feeling dead inside.

Clearly, Skrillex is talented producer, that much is certain, it’s just his version of dubstep sounded like early morning roadworks over 808s, I mean he pretty much singlehandedly created brostep – and that’s will not go down in history as a cultural high point in my book.

So it’s great to see him experiement with different styles alongside the mercurial talents of Mr Oizo, who too has the innate ability to annoy with his maximalist approach to dance music.

Dupieux said of the new track: “I could spend a month watching Sonny making beats on his laptop, he simply is the best of this new EDM generation. Since I’m the best of the old electro dudes, we had to do this tune together.”

Skrillex added, “If you told the kid Sonny 10 years ago ‘You’d make a track with Mr Oizo in the future’ I wouldn’t believe you. Fast forward to today, it’s still surreal to me. Oizo was one of my main influences when I started productions as Skrillex, and being able to sit next to him and absorb his mind was a priceless experience for me.”

So what’s the track actually like, well, to our untrained ear it’s one part banging French electro and one part b-boy breaks, which are sandwiched between a protracted break down, which then gives way to a drop that hits like a mule, and then the cherry on the top is a ludicrous vocal giving the track its veneer of Oizo madness.

Finally, a Skrillex track we can get onboard with.

‘It’s The End of The World’ from Oizo’s forthcoming album ‘All Wet’, which is dropping via Ed Banger Records on September 30.

All Wet:

01 OK Then
02 Sea Horses [ft. Tetanus]
03 Freezing Out [ft. Peaches]
04 Oiseaux
05 Ruhe [ft. Boys Noize]
06 No Tony [ft. Phra]
07 End of the World [ft. Skrillex]
08 The One You Buy
09 All Wet [ft. Siriusmo]
10 Chairs [ft. Mocky]
11 Your Liver
12 Hand in the Fire [ft. Charli XCX]
13 Low Ink
14 Goulag Drums
15 Useless

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.