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Soulwax’s DeeWee Records is beginning to bare some serious electro-shaped fruit

If Bloghaus, or whatever the hipsters are calling it now, is going to be making a welcome return it’ll be thanks to the labels like DEEWEE, the newly minted label from the David and Stephen Dewaele – better known as 2 Many DJs or Soulwax.

Having recently released a faux new album (a soundtrack for Belgian independent film, Belgica) the duo are currently touring a new hardware-based live show for what is expected to be a new live Soulwax album.

On top of that since last year they been steadily gaining momentum with their new imprint, with the last couple of releases raising the bar for leftfield electro and romantic italo.

One track that has been stuck in our head is Emmanuelle’s ‘Italodisco’, the kind of suave-sounding italo disco that’s harder to come by than a rare pokemon. It’s effortless groove is laced with a seductive vocal for a throwback italo track that’s just about the best thing we’ve heard in 2016.

Elsewhere, the duo have also just released a brand new Soulwax track, featuring the sultry vocals from Chloe Sevigny. It’s a slow-mo, mechanical-sounding, cut of fuzzy electro – basically it’s everything you could ever want from a Soulwax track.

The original we’re reliably informed is actually a poem by Sevigny, which the duo have adorned with ricocheting percussion lines and bulbous, rubbery basslines.¬†Better yet it comes in two distinct flavours.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.