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I’ve joked about moving to Canada if Trump gets elected as the next POTUS but after hearing Pusher’s new single ‘Tell You,’ I might actually make the move. The Toronto-based artist teamed up with vocalist and fellow Canadian Hunnah for this soulful gem and it’s pretty clear that the music scene up North is thriving.

‘Tell You’ is the first single to be unveiled from Pusher’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘New Laces’. While every artist and their mothers are attempting to fit into whatever genres are hot at the moment, Pusher is showing off his mettle and creativity by pioneering a new sound, self-described as “neon” style.

It truly is original, featuring varying elements from trending genres such as trap, pop, 90s R&B, jazz, and more, but the most notable aspect of ‘Tell You’ is how seamlessly Pusher is able to fuse his electro-pop instrumentals and style with Hunnah’s sultry, yet playful vocals. The ebb and flow between these two artists is completely effortless – a true testament to Pusher’s production skills and versatility.

Speaking about the new single, Pusher said: “I was experimenting with some new sounds, new song forms, and trying to never take any ‘easy ways out’,” which is shiningly evident in Pusher’s production. The eclectic yet cohesive mix of colorfully arranged chimes and playful energy earns this track a rightful spot on any summer playlist.

Words by David H. Kim

New Laces’ is out 8/26 via Black Butter Records.

Pre-order it here.

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