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Nils Frahm tries, and fails, to improve upon Booka Shade’s seminal track ‘Night Falls’

It’s almost as if Frahm sat down, removed the best parts of Booka Shade’s ‘Night Falls’, leaving just the iconic percussion lines, and then added his own patented droney synths in, stretched it out to nine minutes, and thought “yeah this’ll do”.

It’s never easy reworking a classic, that’s what you should always say no, and maybe that’s why Frahm decided to do the noble thing and consciousnessly make a worse version – so the original would still sound amazing in comparison.

Hopefully, some of the other producers who have been roped into making remixes for Booka Shade’s 10th anniversary re-release of ‘Movements’ fair a little better than Frahm.

File under: must try harder. And the same can levelled at who ever designed the artwork, as it looks like a tird in jpeg form.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.