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In times of despair and anguish music is often the best remedy, and if you live in the United Kingdom you’ll be all too familiar with both despair and anguish at the moment. In the last couple of days the whole country has seemingly unravelled and our collective outlook looks somewhat bleak.

The perfect time, then, for a track to lift your spirits.

And Du Tonc’s latest comes in a long line of humdingers that has all the right ingredients to help you forget, even for just 6 minutes.

Bittersweet in tone, it channels both despair and hope in equal measure in a brutally honest way, as woozy vocals from Matt Van Schie do battle with Matthew ‘Might Mouse’ Haymes’ palette of hazy synths.

Also, the flourishes of melody towards the end – where it almost sounds like the synths are talking to you – are a stroke of pure genius.

The perfect tonic for your brexit woes.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.