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Cassius have unveiled the title track from their forthcoming new album, ‘Ibifornia’, and it’s every bit as good as ‘Go Up’ and ‘Action’.

Unlike the previous two tracks to be unveiled from the duo’s new album – this is a solo effort, and sees the duo on imperious form as they blend balmy melodies against noodling bongos and sounds of the rainforest.

‘Ibifornia’ is an imaginary place dreamt up by Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass that is described as a fusion of Ibiza and California.

If the track’s grand, tropical soundscapes are from California then the scattered percussion and tight rhythms are almost certainly from Ibiza.

So far Cassius’ new album is shaping up to be another seminal long-play from the veteran French duo.

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Ibifornia Tracklisting:

1. The Missing ft. Ryan Tedder & Jaw
2. Love Parade ft. Mike D
3. Action ft. Cat Power & Mike D
4. Go Up ft. Cat Power & Pharrell Williams
5. Ibifornia
6. Hey You ft. Ryan Tedder
7. Feel Like Me ft. Cat Power
8. Blue Jean Smile ft. John Gourley of “Portugal. The Man”
9. The Sound Of Love ft. Jaw
10. Ponce

Cassius press shot

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