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Do these easter eggs on the Governs Ball website point to Daft Punk’s involvement?

Are Daft Punk playing New York’s Governors Ball music festival? Well, no. But there’s a teeny tiny chance that they might.

There are a couple of sneaky easter eggs on the festival’s website, which might point to Daft Punk’s potential involvement in the festival.

If you click the graffiti at the bottom of site you’ll be transported to a video of Alan Partridge’s ‘Get Lucky’ dance, and on the side of the site if you click ‘Governors Ball NYC’ you’re taken to 909 HTML drum machine – both, potentially, hinting at the robots involvement.

OK, so we’re reaching a bit. OK, we’re reaching a lot – but stranger things have happened, not in our lifetime, granted. Anyway, the festival’s line-up is out on Friday – so feel free to abuse us until then when we’re proved completely and utterly wrong.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.