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Pseudo vine celebrity Ben Phillips – who has made a name for himself pranking his poor unsuspecting friend Elliot – has been enlisted by Cornetto (yes, the ice cream people) to take control of the ice cream makers’ Snapchat for a day.

Considering Phillips’ last vine was a short video of him sneakily waxing Elliot’s hairy nipples for maximum bants, Cornetto are clearly a fun open-minded brand that love having a bit of fun.

So what is Philips going to do when he’s given control on Cornetto’s Snapchat account for the day? Well, he’s going to Winterville – which we’re reliably informed is Christmas theme park in London’s Victoria park – where he’s going to be ‘breaking the ice’.

Now we’re not actually talking about physically breaking ice, though don’t be surprised if the portly comedian falls over on a ice rink and actually breaks some ice.

He’s actually going to breaking the ice with people at the theme park via a variety of cheeky chat up lines, pranks, and general lad-based bants.

Ben will be doing this with members of the public to portray the embarrassing moments that occur when trying to break the ice/kiss a girl or boy you like.

We’ve all been there, well some of us have. So if you want to watch a professional wolly (in the nicest possible way) get shot down in a myriad of amusing ways add ‘cornettosnaps’ on Snapchat on Wednesday to get a front row seat on Phillips’ exploits.

We can almost guarantee you’ll get some valuable lessons in what not to do when chatting people up in public.

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Andrew Rafter

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