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LEVELZ questioned by Police after posting mock hostage taking video of Elastic Artists’ director

The Elastic Artists saga continues with Manchester collective LEVELZ questioned by Police last night after the group posted a video of a mock hostage taking of one of Elastic’s employees.

According to a Facebook post from Chunky, who is part of the collective, the crew “spent the early hours of this morning in a police station being questioned about this Elastic situation…We where [sic] split up and questioned about the series of videos we made to put focus on a massive injustice that most people wouldn’t batted a lid about. When I asked who had dobbed us in the [sic] wouldn’t say, and when I asked wot about the actual crime we are the victims of they again refused the comment.”

Resident Advisor yesterday reached out to Elastic’s director John Slade about the video, who is said to have contacted the police about the group’s shocking publicity stunt, which saw the group pretend to kidnap and torture an Elastic Artists employee.

According to Resident Advisor, Elastic Artists is on the brink of collapse with 24 agents set to lose their jobs, also the publication looked into the Elastic’s accounts at Companies House revealing debts of £147,000 with the agency making a loss of £7,000 in the financial year ending May 2014.

Yesterday, the group managed to hijack the agency’s social media accounts and began retweeting critical tweets, they also apologised to the artists affected by the financial issues, and then posted Caspa’s remix of TC’s ‘Where’s My Money?’.

Elastic Artists have yet to make a formal statement about its financial troubles.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.