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Foxtrott is the alias of one Marie-Helene Delorme, born in Montreal, Canada, she’s about to release her debut debut, ‘A Taller Us’, via One Little Indian on November 20.

Falling somewhere between barbed synth-pop and jagged electro, her debut is dark and gravely, but it’s never depressing. And that’s thanks to her razor-sharp voice, which is the perfect companion for a strong set of electronic influences ranging from techno, disco and italo that shine through on almost on the all the tracks; she even gives way for the odd break down and solo section.

It’s no surprise, then, that Foxtrott has already been compared to Scandinavian heavyweights, The Knife.  The album does indeed sound like the work of a well-adjusted Knife in places, tracks like ‘Shields’ and ‘Colours’ are straight from Dreijer’s playbook. But that’s kinda our point: ‘A Taller US’ isn’t a ‘difficult listen’ like a lot of The Knife’s laborious albums. It’s dark, twisted Scandi-influenced pop for the masses, and dance music fans, chockablock full of interesting vocals, scattergun melodies and guey basslines.

It’s by no means a one-trick pony though, there’s a wealth of different emotions and intensities on offer, from the skittish tension of ‘Driven’ and ‘Untake Me’ to the more melancholic and reflective ‘Gated’. What ‘A Taller Us’ does so well is it offers a wealth of influences – so well combined and entangled – that you’ll be unpicking it for weeks to come. As far debuts go, we can’t think of many better in 2015.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.