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Youtube has today unveiled its plans for a Youtube subscription offering called Youtube Red.

Youtube Red – which is an evolution of the company’s music offering Youtube Music Key (which is still in beta and may now not launch) – offers content creators a new way to generate revenue outside of pre-roll advertising.

For a monthly fee, users can watch all videos without ads. As well as no ads, Youtube Red will allow users to watch or listen to videos offline when they don’t have internet access.

It would seem the early feedback towards Music Key was lukewarm with consumers liking the concept in principal, but wanted all videos to be ad-free, and not just music videos, and that’s where Youtube Red comes in.

YouTube Red is all-emcompassing, everything from small creators to big networks can be viewed free from ads if you subscribe.

There isn’t much detail on how much creators might earn, but today’s announcement could represent a paradigm shift in how Youtube is funded in future.

Youtube Red launches in the US on October 28, and comes with a free months trial.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.