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Mr Oizo resurrects Flat Eric for a new short film for the Red Bull Music Academy Paris

Ahead of the Paris edition of the Red Bull Music Academy, the RBMA Paris has commissioned 5 short films from a diverse group of directors who were given carte blanche to explore and examine Parisian culture.

One of the directors chosen was Quentin Dupieu, aka Mr Oizo, who shot to fame in the UK in the 90s with his break-out track ‘Flat Beat’ which featured a puppet called, Flat Eric.

In this new short comedy sketch Flat Eric is at an audition for dancing lookalikes with the help of Steve Little from Eastbound & Down.

Speaking about the comedy sketch and why Flat Eric has been something of an enduring cultural icon, “It’s this character that represents joy in my opinion,” explains Dupieu to the RBMA. “When you see this character doing something, like cooking an egg or whatever, it’s instantly joyful. It’s hard to explain, but this character has this free positive energy. It’s connected to everybody’s childhood, I guess, but there’s more than that. We turned the character into something strong. I have to keep him alive.”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.