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The excellent BBC and Canal + documentary Daft Punk: Unchained is nearing its UK release with the announcement of a free UK screening this Sunday.

Taking place at OVAL space in London, it will be the first time the Daft Punk documentary has been shown with english subtitles since the documentary was aired on French TV earlier this year.

Made alongside the BBC’s International production arm, the documentary starts with the duo’s early forays into music as Darlin’ through to their ground-breaking early albums, and then onto their award-winning live show, before finishing with an in-depth look at the 4 years the duo spent recording their last album ‘Random Access Memories’.

The documentary features interviews from journalists, collaborators, label executives, managers, and friends of the enigmatic duo who reveal how the they became the most successful electronic act in history.

We’ve seen the documentary, and despite some dodgy subtitles it’s full of interesting insights about the duo – so here are 5 things that we didn’t know about duo and their music.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.