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The New York Post is reporting that the big three major music labels – Sony, Universal & Warner – are considering boycotting Youtube.

“They are not serious about monetising music on behalf of creators and, as a result, music companies are realising they have to reset the current relationship,” one senior industry source told The New York Post.

For streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to really succeed Youtube’s dominance for free ad-supported music needs to change, and the labels might be considering drastic action, such as a wholesale boycott of the service.

“They control everything: ad policy, the sales channel, monetisation,” said one music industry exec. “They are one of the worst partners, and it’s a great source of frustration.”

Google has tried to listen to the label’s concerns and created a paid service called Music Key to try and appease their concerns, but the service is still in beta since its soft launch last November and doesn’t seem to be having the desired impact.

Could Youtube as the number one source for music finally be coming to an end?

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.