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There aren’t many producers that are at home making house, disco and techno but that’s exactly what you get with Blasé Boys Club signee, Kiwi.

We first heard of the London-based DJ and producer last year when his released the epic disco cut ‘Llama’ via Deep Shit, now the producer is back with a new four-track EP which is out today on Duke Dumont’s Blasé Boys Club.

The EP’s opener, ‘Short Tail’, is a low end fuelled tech-house roller that kicks off the release on a solid footing, as the track’s main hook offers a trippy counter to the industrial percussion as it builds and builds.

‘Fossa’ offers up something a little different; a smouldering house track flanked by forlorn vocals from Takura, it’s not exactly the most endearing track you’ll ever hear but the lonesome melodies do give it a certain 5am charm to it.

‘Atlanticus’ is where the real meat is for the release, as a pulsating bassline drives the track forward against acid top-lines and a growling vocal loop. It’s a pure club monster in every sense of the word.

And to finish off the release, Kiwi delivers ‘Pelican’; a disco cut that’s every bit as enticing as last year’s ‘Llama’, and while it might not be bright lights and chintzy synth lines, instead it’s from the more twisted, seductive end of the disco spectrum.

All-in-all a very good EP from a DJ and producer who’s only really just getting started.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.