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This week we welcome German up-start PWNDTIAC to our introducing interview series. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, the producer today releases his latest slice of 80s-infused disco, ‘The Beach’, which takes in beaming synths and sugary vocals from fellow German vocalist, Krue. As well as answering some of our burning questions, the German producer has been hard at work making us a mixtape chockablock full of hidden gems and rays of disco sunshine. So without further ado let’s get cracking.

HBF: Hello PWNDTIAC, tell us your name, where you are from?
Hi, I’m Phil and I’m from the lovely city of Leipzig, Germany.

HBF: And what’s the weather like?
Mostly sunny in the afternoon, partly cloudy with mid temperatures around 18°C. Miniskirt probability around 30%.

HBF: You’ve just released ‘The Beach’ EP, tell us a little bit about it, who’s this amazing vocalist, Krue?
The Beach is a feel good EP of straight-up summer tunes. I originally received the track as a basic demo from my good friend Essay some time ago. I loved the vibe, produced it and send it to a vocalist from Hamburg named Krue. She did an amazing job on Moonbootica’s ‘These Days’ with her partner Gordian who helped her with the lyrics. So they were the first choice. Then we have some amazing remixes coming from German wolfpack Les Loups, my graphics boy Sascha “Heartpete” Bente and also from Finnish bass guitar maestro Roisto.

HBF: You’ve been producing under the PWNDTIAC name for quite sometime now, if you could pick three of your own tracks or remixes that best sum you up, which ones would you choose and why?
Firstly I would choose ‘Singapore’ from the ‘Horsepower’ EP. It contains no samples and I love to create an organic sound out of simple and small VST instruments. My second choice is ‘The Beach’ because I can see the future of PWNDTIAC in this. Last would be my remix for Italo Brutalo because it has badass arpeggios. Arpeggios are my way of life, period.

HBF: What’s the story behind your name, are you just a huge fan of pawnshops and Pontiacs?
Actually you’re pretty much pwnd if you don’t get the hint behind the name. Or check urban dictionary.

HBF: Tell us about some of the artists that have influenced your music and this EP? Any guilty pleasures we should know about?
I spent my first real pocket money on a house compilation by DJ Tonka in the 90s. That’s definitely a guilty pleasure but then also influenced my taste in music. All the other influences are classics like Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ and also 80s Pop music that came out of my mum’s car speakers.

HBF: So, you’ve kindly made us a mixtape, what can our listeners expect?
Horsepower Tracks with good transitions and some unreleased gems.

HBF: What’s the disco scene like in Germany, do you secretly wish you were from Belgium instead ;) ?
There is no real disco scene in Germany. But I believe it’s not bad to do something that nobody else is doing! Also we got Justin Faust. But, saying that, I would love to visit Belgium (come on bookers)

HBF: So, what’s next for PWNDTIAC? Any shows coming up that our readers should know about?
I’m already working on my next EP hopefully coming out around the end of summer. Also you should really see the pwndtiac on july 12th at the Moonbootica open air party in Hamburg. I will play my unreleased tracks there for sure.

HBF: If your studio was on fire and you could back in and save one thing, what would it be and why?
Actually my bed. Because it’s the most important thing in my bedroom studio.

Intro – The Beach
Lovebirds – Give Me A Sign ( feat. Holly Backler)
Chloe Martini – Volatile Dreams (feat. Azetka)
BB & Q – Imagination (DJ Vas Rework)
Rob!n & Lumoon – Classique
Geist – Movin’ (Instrumental)
Belle & Sebastian – The Party Line (Ride The Universe Remix)
96 Bulls – Future
Wild & Free – Low Pressure
Just Kiddin – Getaway
Hard Rock Sofa & Skidka – Arms Around Me (Tobtok Remix)
PWNDTIAC – Midnight Beach
Treasure Fingers – Deep In Funk
Michael The Lion – The Don
Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor (Madvillain’s 2015 Revibe)
The Dealer ft. Shells – For A Night (Panda Remix)
Youandewan – 93


Andrew Rafter

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