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Update: TIDAL has explained the price increases – as with all iOS apps that use in-app purchases for the monthly subscription, Apple takes a fee, so it would appear that the increase is TIDAL simply passing that along onto the user. But, crucially, they have said if you subscribe via their website, you’ll only pay the original launch price of: $9.99 $19.99/ £9.99/£19.99. 

Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming service just catch a break at the moment, lampooned for its creepy launch, the streaming service has now just raised its prices by 30%.

The standard subscription has gone up from $9.99 to $12.99, and for the Hi-Fi quality subscription that’ll now set you back $25.99, according to a screen grab from Stereogum.

One of the main issues with TIDAL is it’s pretty expensive already, especially if you go for the Hi-Fi version, in fact UK users are already paying more than US users as the company annoyingly doesn’t take into account exchange rates.

If there’s one thing that’ll turn consumers off a product or service it’s a price hike, especially one so soon after its launch.

Interestingly, the desktop version of the service still has the old pricing structure, whilst the standalone app has the new price. I could be a mistake, but considering the rocky start we wouldn’t put anything past Tidal at the moment.

We’ve just check the UK iOS version, and it does confirmed the price has gone up to £12.99 and £25.99 respectively. So it’s a double-whammy for UK users.

Tidal Price Increase

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