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Daft Punk Cancel Their Deal With Tidal

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Man de homem Christo have cancelled their agreement with high fidelity streaming service Tidal after they found that it has nothing to do with Tidal Power.

Speaking with Wired Magazine Thomas Bangalter said, “Jay-Z rang us up and said he was going to change the world with something called Tidal.

“We’re massive supporters of Tidal Energy and genuinely thought that Jay-Z’s Tidal system was going to create clean energy for everyone,” explains Bangalter.

“When he asked us to change our profile pictures to blue we genuinely thought that was to represent the water they would use to save the planet.

“We were so excited about the system we even got Guy-Man’s mum to knit us some new jumpers – she spent months knitting those jumpers,” Bangalter said.

Guy-Man was also confused too, “When Thomas came to me about Tidal he said they were going to change the world and we would use the hashtag #TidalForAll as tidal power would be for everyone, not just people who pay $6 for water.

“We’ve spoken to our management company and asked them to cancel the agreement, I mean who’s stupid enough to pay $20 for high fidelity music when you can just listen to our music on Youtube for free.”

It’s not the first time the Robots have been duped about green technologies, when speaking to Wired the duo said it had happened before, “We were approached to invest in a company called Bit Torrent who said they were going to change the world, too.

“We assumed because of the name it had something to with a micro rain recovery system, we both live in the Los Angeles where water is a scarce resource and thought the new system would recover rain water – so we thought it would be a good idea.

“It turned out that we might have inadvertently destroyed the entire music industry.

“Next time we’ll be more careful,” said the duo.

  • Oli

    Haha! Great effort!

  • notactuallymyname

    Andrew Rafter is really bad at this.

  • Maarten

    April fool ?

  • dude

    no I think they’re being serious


    thanks : )

  • Astro

    humans after all…

  • Derek Gildea

    Wait. Wait just a minute….

  • Francisco Cabezas

    gg wp

  • Sula

    Dodgy ground perhaps? Legally, I mean.. Making a joke is one thing, using real names is different.

  • Austin Ludlow

    where are your sources?

  • Austin Ludlow

    this sounds more like something that deadmau5 would say versus Daft Punk

  • Szulti

    april fools ?

  • human

    how would they not know what it is? they participated in discussions about tidal and they gave statements about the music. and that “interview” that i cant even find anyway, sounds nothing like them. this article is an april fools joke obviously. just wanted to say that for people who believe this :P

  • human

    apparently “wired magazine” but its a joke