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Felix Da Housecat Accuses Berghain of Racism After Being Refused Entry Into The Club

Last night, Felix Da Housecat took to Twitter to accuse German techno club Berghain of racism after the DJ and producer was refused entry into the German nightclub.

Clearly judging by the tirade of tweets, which have since been deleted, Felix had had a few drinks – but with anything online someone screen grabbed the Chicago producer’s meltdown for you to see.

Whatever the reason was for his refusal, Felix isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last person to be refused entry into Berghain, which has built quite a reputation for being quite picky at who they let in.

We have a feeling Felix won’t be getting in anytime soon.


  • Mahcre

    Video Emerges: Felix Da Housecat VS. Berghain – DJ Refused Entry to Club http://youtu.be/E5UUCBKkIKA

  • missmack

    So let me get this straight they hurled racist epithets at him but they didn’t. They are racist but they aren’t? This guy is a liar. He’s just butt hurt because he didn’t get in a club. Smartest thing to do would be to sleep on it and address it with a clear mind. this makes him look like he thinks he’s Paris Hilton or something. lol

  • Ken

    Berghain is horribly racist. When I didn’t get in I thought “ok I’m 43, I’m too old for this” but when your standing at the curb watching several black and indian 20 somethings get sent away you know something is up. Germany talks about inclusiveness and the progress they have made, but they haven’t changed one bit from their past. I don’t need to be validated by some tattoo-ed 60 year old Nazi doorman at Berghain. Tresor is better anyway.

  • Tom

    Untill now the only one acusing others of real bad things is mr felix himself. And it looks like Berghain made a good choice not letting this frustrated and ego-bigger-then-life man into the club: Berghain doormen are no racists, they just check your attitude, not to naieve, not to loud, not to cool. In 2013 Felix was having best times inside Berghain and twittered it was the best place to be. Now in 2015 turned away, suddenly it’s racism, sad to play this card, it’s how racism survives. And what did he expect? To get a special treatment, because he made good house music? A good writer still has to pay for lending a book at the library. Really,think again, every weekend hundreds of peepz are turned away, it’s a special club, a mothership.

  • @Tokenblack_

    how fucking dare u compare felix, w/ paris? some fucking nerve honestly. bless ur “soul”

  • David Quilagüy

    hahaha that’s funny. I’ve always used this one.