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Everyone knows ‘Flat Beat‘ (well, almost everyone), it’s arguably Mr Oizo’s most recognisable tracks which spawned an iconic Levi’s campaign and saw Oizo chalk-up a fair few number 1’s alongside his puppet Flat Eric.

Well, Sander van Doorn’s label, DOORN Records, is releasing a track by Nari and Milani called ‘Triangle’ – and it’s a blatant copy of the seminal 90s track.

Now, this is nothing new, last year a lot people got their knickers in tizz when Bruno Mars made a track that sounded a lot like a Breakbot track, and while it was similar it doesn’t come close to this level of plagiarism.

It’s basically a carbon copy.

Even more worrying is Doorn Records not picking up on it earlier as almost everyone recognises ‘Flat Beat‘.

Obviously Oizo is not happy either judging by the tweet embedded below.

Interestingly the Youtube clip of the track has been removed from Youtube via copyright claim from Spinnin’ Records – who have also been accused of similar antics in recent months.

Nari & Milani – Triangle (Available January 26) by meme-vines

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.