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Mylo’s output since ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’ has been a bit patchy to say the least; since his seminal debut album the producer has been keeping busy with a drip-feed of excellent remixes for the likes of Villa, M83 and Nicki & The Dove, but no originals.

Over the last decade there have been a few times where his comeback seemed like a no brainer, there was his cover CD for Mixmag from 2010 called “The Return of Mylo”, which features the rather excellent ‘Wings of Fire‘, and then there was a track that Annie Mac played called ‘I’m Back‘, but again, they were both seemingly false starts.

Now, the Scottish producer is back with a new original as part of The Vinyl Factory’s The ADA Project by Conrad Shawcross.

For the project, four renowned female musicians created works in response to the movements of an industrial robot that has been hacked and programmed by the artist to create four unique choreographies.

Songwriter and vocalist Tamara Barnett Herrin (Freeform Five), back by DJ/Producer Mylo, sings Ada, Make a Bed For Your Phoenix, which links mathematics with disco through their shared power to induce ecstatic states.

It’s not quite the return we were expecting nor is it a patch on some of his more recent work – but quite frankly we’ll take almost anything at the moment.

Please Mylo we need you back.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.